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as much as i criticize tetsuya nomura he was hugely influential to me in highschool and just by the fact that he designed FF7 he’s had a major effect on my art since the very first rpg i ever played.   I learn a lot from his style and watching it grow and change, and while i don’t always like his stories or choices i recognize the contributions he’s made to my life.  

i just replayed KH2 and realized its still a great fucking game and that my avoidance of it was a result of the fandom being obnoxious and not because the game did anything wrong ( not going to comment on the many spin offs..).

 These two are an old otp of mine but they’re also adorable besties who just always need to hug and be happy.  Understanding and communication and friendship. I love them.


Have some Loki!

My momma: *doing the laugh at the end of No More Dream*
Me and my sister: *making stank faces*
Me: Mom, why did you do that?
My momma: Do what?
Me: Copied that laugh at the end. Why you do it?
My momma: Because he laughed. What am I supposed to do?
My sister: Um...don't do it?
Me: Yeah, it's weird.
My momma: You're just jealous because you're not hip like me at age 50.
Me: Yeah....okay......

Batman RIP

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all-new x-factor #2

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Final Fantasy XV - TGS 2014

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Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos ||

One character per artist — Trevor McCarthy’s Dick Grayson